• Additional options can be opened sequentially from slot 1 to slot 3.

  • When using stones

    • The contents of each additional option are all changed in batches.

    • The ratings of each additional option does not decline.

    • Probabilities are applied for each option slot.

  • Display Option Rates

    • Option ratings are displayed in border color.

    • The border color is based on the most rated option you have.

    • In the future, we will add a rating mark to consider the ratings of all options.

  • Restricting Stone Usage

    • If shoes are on sale, stones cannot be used for those shoes.

    • Other than that, if you are leveling up or minting, you can use stones.

    • Stones can be used even if the durability of the shoes is not 100.

  • When purchasing stones, you can enter the number directly and purchase as many as you want.

  • If the Shoe quality upgrade succeeds using a rare, Epic coupon, the options will be locked again.

  • When trading shoes in an external NFT marketplace (Pala Sqaure, OpenSea, etc.), the option type is displayed as metadata. There may be confusing expressions, so please refer to the option metadata page below when using the external market.

    • Metadata can be renewed if shoe NFT is withdrawn to Wallet.

Metadata of the Option

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