Basic Mode

Basic Mode is a reward-style pedometer service that is available only for accounts that do not have Shoes NFTs.

Basic Mode allows users to understand and experience SuperWalk services for a significant amount of time, and will be actively considering to enter the Pro Mode.

Basic Mode

1️⃣ You will get POINTs!

Basic Mode users can earn Points after achieving a certain number of steps by walking or running.

  • At 24:00 (UTC+9) every day, step counts are reset and all rewards that have not been claimed by the user will be expired.

  • You cannot earn points if you don’t click GET buttons after achieving missions. Please make sure you claim points before midnight.

  • You can earn max 200 points everyday.

  • 1 point is worth 1 Korean Won.

2️⃣ You can purchase coffee, snacks and e-Coupons in Shopping tab with POINTs!

  • In partnerships with coffee, beverage, bakery, icecream, CVS, pizza, cinema and e-Coupon brands, you can choose the perks as you want.

3️⃣ You can earn POINTs in various ways later

  • Additional contents such as Exploring mission places, Quiz, Challenges and Raffles will be opened later.

  • If you have more questions on Basic mode or just SuperWalk, please ask through HELP button right bottom and we will be back to you in several hours.

πŸ’¬ Basic Mode Terms of Use

  • In order to use the Basic Mode, the user must agree to the use of the service and the collection of location information.

  • The daily acquisition reward is based on the standards set by the company, and the standards may change depending on the company's circumstances.

  • Due to changes in company policy, this service may be changed or discontinued.

  • You can use the pedometer service only on devices that provide a step counter function. Users with devices that does not support step counting are restricted from using this service.

  • According to Google's policy, Android OS-based terminals will always display SuperWalk in the notification center to count the number of steps.

  • The number of steps may differ from the actual number of steps depending on the device or the operating system.

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