Staking page: scheduled to be released in early November

GRND Staking

The users can stake GRND for xGRND. xGRND token is exchanged according to the GRND:xGRND value ratio at the time of staking or unstaking.

Example) GRND : xGRND = 1 : 1.2

If you stake 120 GRND, you will receive 100 xGRND.

Example) GRND : xGRND = 1 : 1.3

If you unstake 100 xGRND, you will receive 130 GRND.

*GRND:xGRND ratio is not a ratio to quantity, but a ratio to value.

The ratio of xGRND to GRND increases as the staking incentive is distributed, and the ratio of xGRND does not decrease. You can check the exchange rate at any time on the Staking page.


Token name: Staked GRND

Token ticker: $xGRND

Token standard: ERC-4626

Contract address: TBA

*xGRND is issued as much as the exchange ratio when GRND is staked and burned when xGRND is unstaked, so the issuance amount of xGRND is not fixed. But theoretically, it cannot be issued more than GRND.

Staking Details

If you unstake $xGRND, you will receive a return of $GRND after 7 days (604800 blocks).

  • No compensation will be given during the unstaking period (7 days).

xGRND Vault


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