$GRND (Governance Token)

The ultimate goal of the SuperWalk project is to establish a decentralized exercise habit formation protocol that operates as a force of the community.

The $GRND token plays a key role in moving toward these community centers. In addition to adding the fun elements surrounding the NFT Shoes within the app, it is responsible for three functions: community revitalization and governance operations.

$GRND is SuperWalk's governance token with a total of only 1 billion issues.

  • Token Name: SuperWalk

  • Token Ticker: $GRND

  • Contract Address : 0x84F8C3C8d6eE30a559D73Ec570d574f671E82647

  • Total Issue: 1,000,000,000

$GRND Distribution and Allocation

  • Total Issue : 1,000,000,000

$GRND Vesting Plan

How is governance token acquired?


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