SuperWalk Team

SuperWalk team has compiled sufficient know-hows to motivate people to exercise by developing and operating "Proground" running app service.

Since our launch, we've studied and analyzed +100k user data to observe users' running patterns and demands.

Meanwhile, we thought if we combine our existing expertise and functions with the Web 3.0 technology and token economy, we could make a more active, value-creating fitness platform. Superwalk project has started with our best regards to meet the following goals.

Our Goals

1. Sustainable Walk-nomics

Our main goal is to create a "decentralized ecosystem that helps to build long lasting exercise habits for every users". Token rewards, Game-fi, and Social-fi factors will be the charming incentives for users to continue exercising with more passion. SuperWalk's ultimate goal is to encourage more people to maintain healthy lifestyle. SuperWalk team will try our best to solve the following dilemmas we had while running Proground service.

First, we had hard time structuring products and reward system appropriate with users' contributions in the platform.

Second, we found that cost structure; such as fees, PD costs, and labor costs incurred by purchasing and delivering products was quite bad.

Third, it was difficult for users to transparently monitor if rewards were given by fair process.

We believe that we can overcome such problems of spot-based reward system by offering token-based reward. Rewards will be distributed in accordance with how much users have contributed to the growth and development of the platform. We will expand our ecosystem by designing stable tokenomics, creating our own decentralized marketplace and immersive unique contents.

2. Transparent governance

The revenue model for traditional Web 2.0-based platform is designed to be "Provider-takes-all". This means profits are being distributed without reflecting the efforts of participants who have contributed to creating liquidity and revenue structures flowing into the service. Also, project is mainly developed by managers, so users have little approach towards the service they are using.

Instead, users of SuperWalk will have decision-making power once they hold the Governance Token, $GRND. The right to vote on determining service direction decisions is given to each user, and voting power will differ by some criteria; the amount of tokens held, holding period, amount used, etc. Walker DAO(undefined) will fully engage in utilizing collective intelligence and constructing fair decision-making process to create more transparent and sustainable business governance.

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