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Item market

Peer to peer item trading market

Tradable items

  • Random Cookie Skin Box
  • Random Pink Skin Box
  • 2022 Christmas Theme Skin Box

Tradable items to be added

  • 4 types of Cookie shoe skins
  • 4 types of Pink shoe skins
  • 2 types of Christmas shoe skins
  • 3 types of New Year’s Day shoe skins
  • 2 types of Mystery boxes
  • Revealed Equipment Items
  • Item to be updated

Non-tradable items

  • Superstone
  • Upgrade coupon
  • Stat Controller
  • Title vouchers
  • Sealed Equipment Items
  • Blue/Pink Potion
  • Event goods (choch stick, christmas stick candy, etc.)
  • Item box
  • The trade fee is 6%b and is borne by the seller.
  • Fees are rounded to the 2 decimal place.
  • When purchasing in batches, the fee is calculated based on total price, not unit price.
Example) Unit price = 5.78WALK / Number of sales = 10 units
  • Fee based on unit price: 0.35WALK*10 = 3.5WALK
  • Fee based on total price: 5.78×10×6% = 3.468WALK → Rounded up → 3.47WALK
  • You can list up to five items at a time.
    • Item listing will last for 72 hours, after which your listing will expire.
    • Items that have expired can be retrieved from the ‘On Sale’ window.
    • Retrieval of expired items reduces the number of items on sale.
  • You can cancel the listing by clicking on the item being sold.
    • Items that have been unlisted for sale will be returned to the inventory.
Until the mail box is updated, your trade will be completed using the procedure below.
  • Cancel of sales listing: return item to item inventory
  • Click Retrieve after sales listing expires: Return Item to Item inventory
  • Completion of purchase: Transfer the purchased item to the item inventory
  • Completion of the sale: Immediate payment of the sale price excluding the fee is paid through Spending wallet.

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