Users can acquire various items through exercise. The higher the LUCK status of shoe the user uses, the higher the chance of aquiring the item.

Item Box

Usually, you get a item box through exercise. In the item box, there are various items such as equipment items, consumable items, material items, and you can sometimes get event items or special items.

Item Box Contents

Below is a list of the initial version of item box contents to be applied as of November 2022.

List of the items

Sealed White Wing Badge (Normal)

Sealed Shining Wing Badge (Rare)

Sealed Brilliant Wing Badge (Epic)

1 SuperStone

3 SuperStones

5 SuperStones

10 SuperStones

1 Status Reset item





Mystery Box (Normal)

Mystery Box (Rare)

New items will be added continuously in the future, and new items will be added to the above item box configuration list whenever they are added.

When you open the item box, you can randomly obtain one of the above item list.

pageProbability table of the Item box

Open item box

You must consume 3WALK to open the item box.

(Mystery box cannot be opened yet, and opening method are different with the item box.)

Equipment Item

The equipment items obtained from the item box are 'sealed'. Unsealing gives the item one of the various abilities. Equipment items can have a variety of capabilities, including shoe stats, additional options, and energy boosts. And later equipment enhancement system can provide more diverse and better capabilities.

The equipment item revealing function is currently under development, and information will be released in detail in here before the update.

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