Shoe skin (cosmetic)

Apply new skins and exercise with new-looking shoes! In the future, a detailed profile page will be updated to show my skins and titles to other users!

Summary of Highlights

1. Skins added to the collection belongs to your account and cannot be traded. 2. Unused skin boxes and sealed skins can be traded in the item market in the app. (IOS: 3. Skin applying is no cost, but skin reset costs some fees. 4. Skin effect is applied only when skin is applied to shoes. 5. Effects of the same type(collection) do not add up, only the highest value will be applied.

The effect of Skin Book will be added later.

1. Open the skin box item

First, please go to the item tab in the Asset menu.

If you have a skin box, you can open it.

2. Use skin, add collection

The skin box contains a sealed skin item.

Please open the sealed skin and add it to the skin collection.

(*Skin effects cannot be applied only by adding skin to the collection.)

3. Asset β€” Collection

Please go into the collection tab of the Asset menu and select a skin.

You can check all titles and skins in the collection tab.

The effects of the skins being applied can be seen by clicking β€œSee Effects”.

Effects of the same type do not add up, only the highest value will be applied.

For example)

List of skins being applied on the shoe. Sweet Event Skin (Rare) Sweet Event Skin (Epic) Christmas skin (rare) Lunar New Year Event β€” White Rabbit (Epic) Lunar New Year Event β€” Black Rabbit (Epic)

Skin effect Sweet Event Skin (Epic): Maximum points +50 Christmas Skin (Rare): Maximum Energy +0.3 Effect of one of the White and Black Rabbit: Energy boost +10%

4. Apply the skin

You can click and apply your favorite skins in the Skin Collection.

(Only available for shoes above level 30)

5. Reset the skin

You can reset the skin by reselecting a skin that is already being applied.

6. Shoes Details β€” Apply

Skin can also be applied from the shoe details tab!

7. Shoes Details β€” Reset/Replacement

If you select shoes that are already applied the skin, you can choose to reset or replace the skin.

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