SuperWalk is a blockchain reward-based Move-To-Earn service that provides tokens just by walking.
Over the past nine months, the SuperWalk team has been operating a running app service named Proground. We've enthusiastically committed to building users' exercise routines and observed and studied their characteristics. Our best interest is finding a path to make more people move. After thorough consideration, we came to conclusion that combination of into-cash convertible token rewards and game elements would lead to better incentive. SuperWalk has reborn into a Web 3.0 fitness platform, and we welcome anyone interested in being healthy by walking & earning!
Users can receive daily token rewards($WALK, $GRND) by walking or running. The amount of reward varies; it depends on mode, shoe type, grade, stats, etc. $WALK, $GRND are in-app tokens, and they are used to repair, synthesize, level up, build, purchase items, and for more usage. SuperWalk's Shoes NFT and Fungible Token will continue to expand.
Note: SuperWalk is currently under beta test and the contents of this white paper will be revised and supplemented as the test progresses.
Last modified 2mo ago